Rock Bottom Soap Company

Rock Bottom Soap is owned and operated by my husband, Wes McFadden and I, Amy Henson. Wes has taken over the roles of primary care giver and lead milk parlor attendant. He also runs his own landscape business. He’s a very busy guy. I often daydream at my day job of the new exciting soap recipes that I want to try. I am the primary product maker, product tester and marketer. You can catch up with us at many craft fairs and festivals throughout Kentucky and surrounding states.

Our farm history began with horses. In fact, the dairy goats were bought initially to support the foals in case a mare had inadequate milk. Soon the goats won us over. We milked lots of milk from our two first goats. We froze then milk in case any baby animal in our neighborhood needed it. Sure enough no one needed it. So then the problem become, What to do with the milk? I was a biology major and chemistry minor in school, so I thought surely I could make soap. I got my nerve up and tried my first batch of soap. After the long four weeks it took for it to cure, I finally used it. When I felt how great my skin felt after the first shower I was hooked. I decided it would be nice to share this great product with people and help the goats pay their way. So I have been feverishly making soap and selling online since 2011 and opened our retail store in 2012.

We have been fortunate enough to have Kentucky Farm Bureau and Kentucky Proud do videos for us. Enjoy!